Some New Pics


Here are some new pics of the front control arms with the balljoints installed. Also you can see the adjustment that you can achieve with the slotted ball joint plate. You can get 3 degrees +/-  of camber adjustment to dial in more negative or to just correct factory specs.

Also here are some pics of the Rear Toe Adjustment Links in the 2011 Ford Mustang “Grabber Blue” color.


Pearl White Camber Arms!

I thought these turned out pretty nice:

Custom Turbo Setup in Progress!


In the next few weeks, I will be building a custom turbo setup for a 2.0 Zetec.  It will be similar to the one I built a few years ago thats pictured, but a little nicer. Here is a shot of the laser cut head flange that just came in today. It was drawn up in Solidworks and cut from 304 stainless plate. Keep checking back for more updates once I get all the materials in.

Some New Pics

Here is a side by side shot of the ORP and HFC.  You can also see the flanges are ground flat after welding for a perfect leak free seal. Also there are some finished pics of the rear crossmember brace.

Recent Fabrication Work

I was asked by a customer to build a rear suspension brace that was similar to one thats available for the Focus. I chose to build it from round tubing which would be stiffer in every direction, rather than rectangular tubing which would sacrifice strength. This one is made from .083 wall chromoly tubing for ultimate strength and minimal weight. It still allows for the factory adjustment of the rear lower control arms. The customer wants to retain the raw look of the metal, and this one will be getting a clear powdercoat.  Here are some pics:

Also I built this trick coolant housing adapter for another customer. This allows you to run a -16an fitting on your stock plastic housing. It bolts right on to the factory piece and has a -4an fitting for the air bleed line.

Ford Focus Front Control Arms!

Finally after prototyping a few different designs, the new front control arms are tested and ready to go!  They have been doing extremely well on daily driven cars and hold up great on time attack cars as well.  The ball joint plate is slotted for over 3.5deg +/- camber adjustment. This is the right way to properly adjust your camber, not with camber plates! They are fully TIG welded using DOM tubing. Laser cut ball joint plates and gussets. Includes grade 8 fine thread nuts, bolts and hardened steel washers.

They accept stock or aftermarket bushings and balljoints. (New balljoints and polyurethane bushings are highly recommended.)

Ford Focus Front Control Arms

The new front control arms are going into full production within a week. I am waiting on the laser cut ball joint plates and gussets. These have been tested for a few months now by multiple people and are holding up great!  You will be able to get over -3deg of camber adjustment out of them, so if you have -2deg stock, you can go all the way to -5 degrees of camber if needed! They inclued grade 10 fasteners and locknuts with hardened washers to attach the stock ball joint to the arm. Here are photos of the first prototypes: