Ford Focus Front Adjustable Swaybar Endlinks

I got a few emails recently asking about the specs on the swaybar endlinks I make. Here they are:

Fits all Focus models

7075 machined aluminum body with roll formed threads, will not strip!

High quality FK self lubricating heim joints, no maintenance needed

9,550lb static radial load capacity!

Adjustable from stock length to provide swaybar rate change or for frame rail clearance on lowered cars

Your choice of powdercoat colors

Easy left hand/right hand threaded adjustment

** Machined groove on body indicates left hand thread side **

$100 shipped within the US!


Look at all the colors!

I picked these up from powdercoat the other day for a group buy that I did on

Fabrication Pics

Here are some pics that other manufacturers will never dare show you. I actually want everyone to be able to see the quality of the items that I produce.

Here is a detail pic of the notching on one of the tubes. This particular tube gets cut on my Kunzmann horizontal milling machine. As you can see the radius of the notch is absolutely perfect. This means perfect fitment and also makes the welding process come out that much nicer.

Here are some more close up pics of the tubing fitted together. As you can see the edge of the notch is beveled to create a groove that gets filled in with the weld bead. This ensures 100% penetration of the weld into the tubing. These small steps are what it takes to get perfect joints, and a weld that will never fail under its intended use.

You can also see everything gets welded in a fixture to ensure nothing will move or warp. This is the most important part of any welded assembly. The better the joints fit, the less likely the part will be affected by the welding process.

Ford Focus Billet Power Steering Fittings

I made a set of these fittings for my drag car 4 years ago and recently had some interest in them. They replace your factory lines and give you the ability to make your own custom lines with AN fittings. They have 1/8″ NPT threading on top to connect to your choice of  AN adapter fittings. Machined from 7075 aluminum with 13mm wrenching flats. The aluminum hold down clamp is included. I will be running off a few sets of these for $75 including the clamp and o-rings.

Mazda 3 + Dominant Engineering Camber Arms!

Head on over to to check out Mike’s Mazda 3 rocking some DOMINANT camber arms!

Rear Camber Arm Adjustment

I have been getting quite a bit of interest on the rear camber arms and how much adjustment they have. I took some pics of what the settings look like at different degrees of camber. Currently these are the only rear camber arms that can offer both factory alignment correction, as well as lots of negative camber.

Custom Turbo Setup Completed!

Here are some pics of the turbo setup I just finished for a customer. The tubing and merge collector is 316 stainless steel  and the flanges are 304 stainless . With the turbo being used, this setup is is going to make somewhere around 600whp on the customers car when completed. It has the best possible wastegate location for perfect boost control.

The turbo support brace is needed with this manifold because it built from .049 and .065 tubing. The support brace is made from .065  chromoly tubing. This entire setup weighs only 8lbs which is a lot less than just a basic manifold built from schedule  10 pipe.

View all the pics and more on Flickr: