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Where are my parts?

This is a photo of a typical batch of parts that I pick up from powdercoat every 1-2 weeks.  As you can see there are a few different colors and many different items.

Now what most people dont realize is that I outsource all my products for powdercoat. I have a local shop that does very nice work. The turnaround time varies depending on how busy they are, and/or what colors they are doing. It is not an easy task to change the color in the powdercoat gun for 1 or 2 parts and then change it again to another color. It would not be very efficient or profitable either. You also cannot cure multiple colors in the oven at the same time, or else you risk contamination in the powdercoat.


With that said, depending on what is getting coated at the time, and what color you decide, it can be finished in 1 or 2 days or sometimes almost two weeks or more  if the shop is busy.  All of my parts are custom, made to order, and that takes time. I like to offer that option, because most people want something different, and not the same as everyone else.

I am also overwhelmed with orders and have been operating with a 2-3 week waiting list. That means, depending on your order, it may take 2-3 weeks before your parts will be fabricated and sent out to powdercoat. I am a one-man operation and I handle every step of the process myself. From ordering the raw materials, to cutting, machining, cleaning, welding and checking every item before it gets powdercoated. Then the items get assembled, cleaned, packed and shipped to you. I prefer to handle every step to assure every item is 100% before it leaves my hands.  When you receive your order, I hope you enjoy everything as much as I do during the fabrication process.

   -Dominic Biro

You can view more photos of my recent work on Flickr:


Pearl White Camber Arms!

I thought these turned out pretty nice:

Some New Pics

Here is a side by side shot of the ORP and HFC.  You can also see the flanges are ground flat after welding for a perfect leak free seal. Also there are some finished pics of the rear crossmember brace.

Recent Fabrication Work

I was asked by a customer to build a rear suspension brace that was similar to one thats available for the Focus. I chose to build it from round tubing which would be stiffer in every direction, rather than rectangular tubing which would sacrifice strength. This one is made from .083 wall chromoly tubing for ultimate strength and minimal weight. It still allows for the factory adjustment of the rear lower control arms. The customer wants to retain the raw look of the metal, and this one will be getting a clear powdercoat.  Here are some pics:

Also I built this trick coolant housing adapter for another customer. This allows you to run a -16an fitting on your stock plastic housing. It bolts right on to the factory piece and has a -4an fitting for the air bleed line.

Ford Focus and SVT Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms!

These are designed to adjust your rear ride height and track width when used in conjunction with the Toe Adjustment Links. You get over 3″ of ride height adjustment and 1.5″ of adjustment on the bushing end. These are perfect for getting your wheel fitment just right. They include high quality Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings, spring isolators, and FK Heim joints. They will also stand up to the abuse that larger rear swaybars put on your stock control arms, sometimes causing the non SVT ones to break!

The swaybar mounting solution is more efficient than stock with the heim joint on one end. It connects the swaybar more firmly and allows it to move more freely.  The arms are made from DOM tubing with TIG welded construction.

Ford Focus and SVT Rear Toe Adjustment Links!

These are designed to adjust your rear toe on your car.  Perfect for lowering your car, when you need to get your alignment back in factory spec. Also can be used to correct factory alignment and tire wear issues. Easy adjustment by just turning the threaded body in one direction. High quality FK brand heim joints and 7075 machined aluminum spacers. 

Ford Focus and SVT Camber Arms!

These replace your stock upper camber arm and allow maximum adjustment. You can get over 7 degrees +/- of camber! They include high quality Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings. They are made from DOM tubing with a box style gusset for added strength. High quality TIG welded construction.