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Where are my parts?

This is a photo of a typical batch of parts that I pick up from powdercoat every 1-2 weeks.  As you can see there are a few different colors and many different items.

Now what most people dont realize is that I outsource all my products for powdercoat. I have a local shop that does very nice work. The turnaround time varies depending on how busy they are, and/or what colors they are doing. It is not an easy task to change the color in the powdercoat gun for 1 or 2 parts and then change it again to another color. It would not be very efficient or profitable either. You also cannot cure multiple colors in the oven at the same time, or else you risk contamination in the powdercoat.


With that said, depending on what is getting coated at the time, and what color you decide, it can be finished in 1 or 2 days or sometimes almost two weeks or more  if the shop is busy.  All of my parts are custom, made to order, and that takes time. I like to offer that option, because most people want something different, and not the same as everyone else.

I am also overwhelmed with orders and have been operating with a 2-3 week waiting list. That means, depending on your order, it may take 2-3 weeks before your parts will be fabricated and sent out to powdercoat. I am a one-man operation and I handle every step of the process myself. From ordering the raw materials, to cutting, machining, cleaning, welding and checking every item before it gets powdercoated. Then the items get assembled, cleaned, packed and shipped to you. I prefer to handle every step to assure every item is 100% before it leaves my hands.  When you receive your order, I hope you enjoy everything as much as I do during the fabrication process.

   -Dominic Biro

You can view more photos of my recent work on Flickr:


More Pics!

I sent out a nice little package to Canada recently, big thanks to Mitch for ordering! He was also nice enough to snap some pics of my stuff. I sent everything out in their raw metal finish so he could get them custom powdercoated.  Here is what he had to say:

“Having spent years working at the highest levels of motorsport, competing in the Grand AM series and running the 24hr at daytona with a Porsche gt3-cup…. I can say without a doubt the build quality, precision and strength of the parts designed and built by Dominic are second to none. You will be hard pressed to find parts on and for purpose built $500,000 race cars that exceed the quality of anything from Dominant Engineering.

While the finer points to the quality of construction may not mean much to everyone not familiar with any sort of fabrication, to have products of this quality available to you at such reasonable prices is truly astounding!

I have purchased multiple sets of suspension components for my cars from Dominic and will continue to do so well into the future!”


Ford Focus Front Adjustable Swaybar Endlinks

I got a few emails recently asking about the specs on the swaybar endlinks I make. Here they are:

Fits all Focus models

7075 machined aluminum body with roll formed threads, will not strip!

High quality FK self lubricating heim joints, no maintenance needed

9,550lb static radial load capacity!

Adjustable from stock length to provide swaybar rate change or for frame rail clearance on lowered cars

Your choice of powdercoat colors

Easy left hand/right hand threaded adjustment

** Machined groove on body indicates left hand thread side **

$100 shipped within the US!

Some New Pics


Here are some new pics of the front control arms with the balljoints installed. Also you can see the adjustment that you can achieve with the slotted ball joint plate. You can get 3 degrees +/-  of camber adjustment to dial in more negative or to just correct factory specs.

Also here are some pics of the Rear Toe Adjustment Links in the 2011 Ford Mustang “Grabber Blue” color.

Ford Focus Front Control Arms!

Finally after prototyping a few different designs, the new front control arms are tested and ready to go!  They have been doing extremely well on daily driven cars and hold up great on time attack cars as well.  The ball joint plate is slotted for over 3.5deg +/- camber adjustment. This is the right way to properly adjust your camber, not with camber plates! They are fully TIG welded using DOM tubing. Laser cut ball joint plates and gussets. Includes grade 8 fine thread nuts, bolts and hardened steel washers.

They accept stock or aftermarket bushings and balljoints. (New balljoints and polyurethane bushings are highly recommended.)

Ford Focus Front Control Arms

The new front control arms are going into full production within a week. I am waiting on the laser cut ball joint plates and gussets. These have been tested for a few months now by multiple people and are holding up great!  You will be able to get over -3deg of camber adjustment out of them, so if you have -2deg stock, you can go all the way to -5 degrees of camber if needed! They inclued grade 10 fasteners and locknuts with hardened washers to attach the stock ball joint to the arm. Here are photos of the first prototypes: