More Pics!

I sent out a nice little package to Canada recently, big thanks to Mitch for ordering! He was also nice enough to snap some pics of my stuff. I sent everything out in their raw metal finish so he could get them custom powdercoated.  Here is what he had to say:

“Having spent years working at the highest levels of motorsport, competing in the Grand AM series and running the 24hr at daytona with a Porsche gt3-cup…. I can say without a doubt the build quality, precision and strength of the parts designed and built by Dominic are second to none. You will be hard pressed to find parts on and for purpose built $500,000 race cars that exceed the quality of anything from Dominant Engineering.

While the finer points to the quality of construction may not mean much to everyone not familiar with any sort of fabrication, to have products of this quality available to you at such reasonable prices is truly astounding!

I have purchased multiple sets of suspension components for my cars from Dominic and will continue to do so well into the future!”


    • Gabriel Pechaceck
    • April 4th, 2011

    Well Dang! I thought I ordered alot at once! I would have to agree with him.. Being that I work for Pratt and Whitney aerospace I bet I could send these through iso9001 inspection at epsilon level and he would pass! I am extremely impressed with the level of precision in his welds.. The weld beads he lays down on these parts mimic that of a $200,000 cnc welder…

    Dominic you have Skills and for the price your parts are offered at completely corners the market! Thank you for setting the standard on which all other fabrication is judged! I will gladly keep doing business with you!

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